New Astrograph Sets

Here is new astrograph sets for wide-field astrophotography.

1) 45EDII F5.0 (227mm f.l.)

2) 50FL F5.6 (280mm f.l.)

3) 60ED F4.0 (245mm f.l.)

4) 71FL F3.9 (280mm f.l.)

71FL F3.9 is only series 80 setup.  50FL should be possible. But 45EDII and 60ED are too short for Series 80 tube since the focuser – 7835 or FTF  is longer.  If I use low profile M57 helical focuser like 7758, it looks possible. But I wonder the reducer’s lens barrel goes through the inside of the focuser. I will test later. These focal length are telephoto lens range. But I’m sure BORG astrograph should be sharper and more contrasty than conventional camera lenses’. I will shoot one by one from now on.


~ by tedishikawa on September 8, 2011.

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