0.7x Triplet Super Reducer

The price has been set as follows

7870 : $595.00

0.7x triplet super reducer

Works from 325mm to 1000mm focal length

Covers 35mm full format sensors

B07139, 71FL F3.9 astrograph set : $1,895.00

Above picture shows the prototype 7870. We plan to prepare 45EDII/60ED packages too. Each system with 7870 is summarized as

– 45EDII F5.1 / 228mm

– 50FL F5.6 / 280mm

– 60ED F4.1 / 245mm

– 71FL F3.9 / 280mm

– 77EDII F4.6 / 357mm

– 101EDII F4.4 / 448mm

– 125SD F4.2 / 525mm

As usual, 7870 should optically work with other refractors very well. But this requires around 130mm extra back focus since the focusing point moves way inward.  So there is mechanical issue for other scopes.




~ by tedishikawa on September 2, 2011.

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  1. […] 0.85x Reducer DGL. I also own a new 71FL lens but I am missing a working reducer for it. Maybe the new 0.7x Triplet Super Reducer will do the job. I hope at […]

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