71FL + 1.08x Flattener

I was in Japan for meeting with BORG. It was very tough time because of power shortage situation there. Since nuclear plants are not allowed to be re-activated by regional residents even after finishing the routine inspection, the power supply is getting less and less entire the country. So everyone was trying not to use A/C as much as they can. They are very patient!! (generally they were one of most though) In any cases, Japanese people are facing big challenge to shift to the new energy direction these days.

Anyway, these 1st test shots are sent by Tony Hallas. QSI583ws is used with.

Next is a cropped L image for Deneb. 30 seconds exposure. You can see how clean such a bright star’s edge is. I think it is due to fluorite, and the quality of coating and optical design. I’m always told BORG is considering how to minimize the internal reflections. It is obvious this flattener was done also.  This image should prove their sense.

I believe you will see Tony’s many images here and there soon.


~ by tedishikawa on July 6, 2011.

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