Black Bear

Barry Schellenberg e-mailed me following interesting message.  No cropped image? Yes, I can easily imagine how close it was. It’s very scary.


This is not a cropped image. It is a very close image of a Black Bear I came across on the HWY back to Calgary this weekend. See my explanation below the photo.
Here’s another one prior to him walking up to me.
Here is a photo of a very large Blue Heron that Marina and I saw at the lake in Sicamous this weekend.
Hope you find them interesting.



Thanks for your post, Barry. It was very exciting story. BTW, Canon focus indicator adapter makes focusing quite easy and quick. I believe it is worth considering that way for wild animal photography.



~ by tedishikawa on June 13, 2011.

3 Responses to “Black Bear”

  1. The bear has nice brown eyes!


  2. Ted,

    In your response you speak about a Canon focus indicator adapter. I don’t see these on your web site. Can you indicate where I might be able to purchase one?

    Thanks in advance,

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