51FL Telephot Lens Sets

This optics is specifically designed for the nature photography.

– Super lightweight – quite easy to hold without tripod or monopod.

– F8 focal ratio – creates wider depth of field. It achieves to focus the entire bird. Although it is F8, camera should feel brighter and take faster shutter speed than camera lens’s F8 because of less number of elements.

– Virtually attachable with any cameras available in the market.

– Focus indicator adapters allows for lighten the focus signal in the viewfinder.

Part # 2551 51FL objective

Part # 6051, telephoto lens set A (400mm f.l.)

Part # 6151, telephoto lens set B including 1.4x teleconverter (560mm f.l.)

These sets should be compared with Canon or Nikon 400mm to 600mm telephoto lenses in the performance.

51FL + Olympus E-5

I believe E-5 camera is the best match with 50FL at this moment because ;

– E-5’s ultra thin lowpass filter and latest image processor creates the fine details while avoiding the moire effect. That means the camera creates the sharp image based on the lens performance. That’s best match with one of highest quality optics like BORG fluorite.

– Focus indicator adapter is available for Four Thirds cameras, which shows the focus electrically.

– Camera body image stabilizer minimizes image shaking as much as possible.  Above two images were taken while holding just by a hand.

I will more post up images taken by this system. 50FL will be available end of this month.


~ by tedishikawa on June 10, 2011.

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