Wide-field with LPS-V4

I think this is 1st image taken by full-frame camera and wide-angle lens with IDAS nebula filter (LPS-V4), which was not allowed in this combination.  But it’s shame. I went to sleep without pressing shutter-release button and it was dawn already when I noticed it….. So this is only one saved frame as single test shot. Accordingly, the image is very noisy. Levels and Curves only applied.  No dark frame applied either.

LPS-V4-Sigma at the rear of the lens, Sigma 50mm F1.4 @ F4.0 and Canon 5DH Mark II with Type Ib, one 8 minutes at ISO 800

Although the image is noisy, you can see what potential LPS-V4 has for wide-field nebula targets. Anyway, I will shoot again.You can read my previous post on Sigma-lens filter.


~ by tedishikawa on June 7, 2011.

3 Responses to “Wide-field with LPS-V4”

  1. I see gazillions of stars. Where’s the noise?? Also, there’s nothing wrong with a single semi-WA image, such as this one. No apology is necessary!! It’s quite a striking image! How was your seeing, and how were you guiding with this “simple” setup of lens, FR, and DSLR? Was the image cropped? This is the first occasion I’ve encountered where a FR was used in conjunction with a cam lens.

  2. Sorry, that was not a FR. It was a filter!! My misread.

  3. Perry,

    Thanks for your quick post. It was completely full-frame. No cropped at all. LPS-V4 really does good job. I think I can fully enjoy Milkyway shots with this setup this summer. Since this was test shot, it was unguided. But with only 50mm focal length, the unguided should be still just fine too.

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