1.08x Flattener

1.08x field flattener (part # 7108) is now available at $395.00

This works with the objective’s focal length 300mm to 800mm and fully covers 35mm full format sensors. As usual, it has M57 male at the objective side and M57 female at the camera side. Followings are sample configurations.

7108 – 7923 – 5005 – Canon

7108 – 7923 – STL-AD – SBIG STL cameras

The index is considered to be used with 7923 instead of 7000. For users who already own # 7000, you may compensate for 5mm light path by adjusting the flattener’s lens location like

7108 – 7000 – 5005 – Canon (with 5mm adjustment)



~ by tedishikawa on May 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “1.08x Flattener”

  1. Hey Ted,

    That’s a nice looking piece of kit.

    It looks like it is adjustable. Is that for FL?? Is that going to make any difference in the flattener’s distance to the imaging chip??

    Further explanation of this would be most welcomed!

    Thanks, and please give a big HELLO to Mia!


  2. Perry,

    Mechanical back focus distance remains unchanged even if the internal lens barrel moves back and forth. So you can use same camera adapter for various focal length of scopes.


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