Good News for SkyMemo Users

This is important feedback from Joshua Cohen who owns SkyMemo and BORG 71FL F4.7.

1) This picture was taken by unguided 71FL F4.7 with SkyMemo.

5 minutes exposure, JPEG

A picture clearly shows SkyMemo’s guiding capability.

2) Also he has found out Shoestring’s GPUSB-AH works with SkyMemo. I mentioned before most of autoguider cameras are required to be used with  the old-fashioned external mechanical relay box except SBIG ST-4, ST-V and SG-4. That’s true. but this is the solution for non-SBIG camera users. GPUSB-AH has the optcoupler which allows to electrically isolate and connect a camera with SkyMemo. It is well known SkyMemo’s polar scope achieves the precise polar alignment. Precise polar alignment and RA-autoguiding capability allows you for long exposure and the use of long focal length optics now. They have two types – with “AH” and without. Looks like GPUSB-AH should be used with.


~ by tedishikawa on May 4, 2011.

4 Responses to “Good News for SkyMemo Users”

  1. Ted,

    Thanks for posting my photo! I wanted to clarify two points. First the image is a stack of 9 five minute exposures. Second Doug at Shoestring Astronomy can also make the necessary cable to connect from the GPUSB-AH to the Skymemo.

    Once I work out the kinks with my guide scope I’ll send along guided images.


  2. Josh,

    OK, thanks for pointing out.
    I look forward to your further images.


  3. What camera did you use to shoot this image? Is the large image 100%? I have a 5D mark II and I was wondering if I can get sharp stars to the edge of the field with this scope.


    • Ram,

      Thanks for your comment. This is the image taken by one of 71FL users. His system doesn’t cover full frame sensor like your 5D Mark II. Definitely you will need new 71FL F3.9 system, which is expected to be coming up this summer. I will post some test shots taken by 71FL F3.9 with my 5D Mark II shortly.

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