M75 Iris

M75 iris is now available. This works with any Series 80 scopes and Mini Borg objective with M57 to M75 adapter which will be coming up soon. It should be very good tool to control the focus depth.

Part # 7075, 20 blades, M75 male and female

Following are test shots. You can see changing  the focus depth.

71FL + 7075 + New 0.7x reducer + Nikon D700. All 35mm full size, no cropped

This is F3.9 full aperture. You will see the “Bokeh” at the background. The focus field is very shallow.

One stop (F3.9 to F5.5), Some connectors are getting in focus

Two stop (F3.9 to F7.8), More wires and connectors are in focus. The background is getting clear

Three stop (F3.9 to F11), You can compare the depth of the field with F3.9’s

This Iris should be very useful to control shutter speed when DSLRs are used in video mode.  Also you can focus multiple birds together in one frame. And finally it makes the manual focus easier too.  New 0.7x reducer, originally designed for astrophotography, covers full frame sensor. 71FL turns 280mm focal length telephoto lens which fully covers 35mm full format sensor at F3.9. We will keep updating the astro photo test with it.





~ by tedishikawa on February 21, 2011.

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