2011 New BORGs – 3

–  M75 IrisThis is a larger version of current M57 one, which is optically works with Series 80 scopes. Amazingly it has 20 blades. Virtually we can call it round iris, which should create beautiful “BOKEH”.  This kind of iris should be especially useful for video camera since it has shutter speed restriction.

– 0.7x Super reducer

Triplet super reducer which is optimized from 45ED to 77EDII and completely covers 35mm full format sensors. So this optics achieves wider and faster imaging. It must be an exciting item.I hope I can announce more details shortly.

– M57 to M75 Adapter

This adapter allows Mini Borg objectives to attach with series 80 tubes. When Mini Borg objectives are used with above 0.7x super reducer or Feather Touch focuser, this is what needed.



~ by tedishikawa on February 15, 2011.

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