2011 New BORGs – 2

As announced before, 1.08x field flattener [#7108] will be available soon (this spring).

The picture shows prototype. The commercial product will have the focal length indicator mark. BORG-proprietary focal adjustment system allows to use wide range of focal length – 350mm to 800mm. So it works with virtually all of BORG scopes currently available. It fully covers 35mm full format sensors. If there are some BORG users who are looking for longer focal length, this is the one for that with minimum investment.

This is quite unique item. Probably only BORG can do that. This unit has M75 in front. So it allows to attach 50Ach to 101EDII objective. (Mini Borg objectives require an adapter) And it has M57 at the back end. So your objective can turn conventional type of telephoto lens with camera or spotting scope with erecting prism. This is still at field test stage for further improvement. But this creates a lot of fun in various field.




~ by tedishikawa on February 11, 2011.

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