2011X1 -> 50FL F8

2nd BORG fluorite is 50mm F8. If you are the  long-term astronomical  enthusiast,  you might remember this is exactly same specs as the legendary Takahashi 50mm fluorite. I really respect they already made this 30 year ago.

I believe this is the ideal specs for birding photography because of

– ultra lightweight – quite easy for hand-held photography

– F8 –  deeper focus depth (not too slow for today’s DSLR cameras)

– 400mm focal length –  not too short

– And one of sharpest optics in the world

This ultra compactness with high quality optics  should be best match with astronomical trips such as  solar and lunar eclipses as well.

There are some other new items coming up this year. I will introduce them one by one here.



~ by tedishikawa on February 8, 2011.

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