New Items

BORG is planning to release many new items including another super reducer and long-waiting 1x field flattener next year.  These are something others.

#1indicates M75 iris adapter (prototype). This works with 71FL, 77EDII and 101EDII. Result? Very good as M52 iris ones. See following pictures.

Take close look at out-of-focus section. Water drops shows completely round shape. Iris blades forms well round, which is usually not seen in conventional camera lenses. Depth of field? You can see the result as follows

71FL + M75 Iris(prototype) + Telephoto lens unit(prototype) + Pentax K5

These two items are expected to come up next spring.  I will keep updated on them. BTW, #2 is pointing KOWA’s new erecting prism, which is not available in US yet though. I’m very curious how it is good. It has bayonet interface. So it’s quite easy and quick to switch visual assembly and DSLR cameras. Looks convenient!




~ by tedishikawa on December 14, 2010.

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