BORG Configuration

Mini Borg configurations are very various. But I thought this setup might be good example to start. These days more people are interested in using 60ED as a finder scope first. Then they will use it as guider and imager near future. This is basic concept to do. This concept can apply to other Mini Borgs45EDII and 71FL.

1) Removing the original white extension tube allows to use 2″ diagonal – super wide finder scope with 2″ eyepieces. If low-profile focuser such as 7757 and 7758 is used, you don’t have to remove an extension tube.

2) M57 focuser is set in front – it doesn’t create any issues at all even if any heavy accessories are attached at the back. BORG has some other small focusers. But this M57 focuser is capable of 2″ eyepieces and 35mm full format sensors in size. 7757 and 7758 may be used too.

3) 7508 (2″ eyepiece holder) is used to hold 2″ diagonal – 7508 will work as extension tube and allows to connect any other M57 parts, so that you can make straight-thru setup for imaging or guiding purpose.  7506/7505/7509 are 2″ holders as well as extension tubes.

This concept minimizes additional parts when you wish to change the system.

Following is recent Steve Cooper image.  Very nice, Steve!






~ by tedishikawa on December 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “BORG Configuration”

  1. Ted,

    Thanks for your tips on how to configure the Borg scopes. I know I speak for other Borg owners when I say that.

    With their many components, there’s always something new to learn about how to get the most from their superb versatility.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all,


  2. Thanks, Perry

    If you find out unique configuration, let us share your idea with other BORG users here. Have wonderful holidays too.

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