LPS-V4 & Fisheye Lens

I made another lens-mounted filter test with LPS-V4. 1st shot is without LPS filter. So sky is something like that.

No filter + 1 minute exposure + no image processing

(To compare, I wanted to set 4 minutes. But I didn’t think it’s practical in this sky condition)

LPS-V4 + 4 minutes + no image processing

Only slightly stretched out from above image

Several red nebulosity are visible now. Still looks too short exposure and too tough to process the image with single frame and no dark.  Unfortunately, cars are driving by me time to time. I don’t think I can shoot the number of frames and longer exposure here. Let me try next at the different place. I realized it’s not easy to find good location for circular image in the city. Anyway, LPS-V4 at the rear of lenses must be very nice tool for full frame cameras with wide-angle lenses. Also when HOYA deep red filter 25A(=Kenko R60) is set in front of lenses, the system turns 19nm Ha filtering capability.  It should be fun too. Unfortunately, Fisheye doesn’t allow to set a filter in front. I will try with different wide-angle lens.


~ by tedishikawa on September 1, 2010.

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