Light Pollution Filters with 5D Mark II

I have good news for Canon full-frame camera users. Finally we have decided the solution how to use light pollution filters with wide-angle lenses and 35mm full-frame sensor cameras. As mentioned earlier, LPS filters are not allowed to be set in front of wide-angles lenses(example, 100mm or shorter) due to spectrum shift. But this is the solution. Following picture shows basic concept. (LPS-P2 filter is set at the rear of Sigma 8mm fisheye lens) Commercial products come with a metal folder/frame.

Here is 1st test shot. This was 2 minute exposure. I think some area must be washed out without LPS filter. I will shoot with no filter and with LPS-V4 tomorrow. I expect LPS-V4 should more block horizontal pollution. Let’s see.


~ by tedishikawa on August 31, 2010.

3 Responses to “Light Pollution Filters with 5D Mark II”

  1. Is it out on the market? Where can I buy it?

  2. Why don’t you use in-camera filter?

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