SLIK Tripod

SLIK is well-known as one of Japanese leading tripod manufacturers. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to use their tripod myself. Now I have, start using and getting to know a lot. One of most impressive things is SLIK-proprietary AMT alloy (=Aluminum-Magnesium-Titanium alloy). It’s lighter and more solid. It’s not as light as carbon fiber. But much lighter than conventional aluminum legs while more solid. So I realized these are very suitable for astronomical use. Furthermore, a center column can be rigidly held with solid round ring unlike my Bogen tripod. I was always feeling this was the weakest part in conventional photographic tripods comparing with astronomical ones. This is another good factor to minimize shaking. Here is my recent visual set (BORG 71 fluorite + BORG fork mount + SLIK PRO 700 + silver-mirror erecting diagonal). I can carry all of them together by single hand quite easily. In fact, now this is my most favorite grab-n-go system. Last night, my wife and I were enjoying totally clean Jupiter observing.  I highly recommend SLIK tripods. The price is very reasonable. Good cost performer. Go to the shop or stop by our office to check it around. See their web – SLIK


~ by tedishikawa on August 25, 2010.

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