Mini Borg

This is sent by Borg 45EDII user, Albert Barr.

45EDII F6.1 (with 7885 reducer) + Orion SS Pro + LPS-P2-48 by Albert Barr

50Ach @F4.2 (w/7885 )+ E-PL1 by Noboru Nakagawa

Although Mini Borg 50 is achromat optics, it still creates sharp and clean image. Probably 7885 should work well to correct spherical aberrations, especially g-line. I think it doesn’t lose most of macro lenses commercially available in the market.

PS. About optical compatibility between 71FL and 7704(4-element super reducer), we have made various field tests as well as computer simulation. Unfortunately we couldn’t figure out the good solution in this setup and have decided to produce the another 4-element super reducer dedicated for 60ED & 71FL objectives, which allows to completely cover 35mm full size sensors. So those should become super fast and very wide-field optics. Please give us several months to make it commercially ready.


~ by tedishikawa on August 13, 2010.

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