I used 125SD Bino with astro club members last weekend. After we enjoyed sky surfing with low power(17x) 2″ eyepieces in summer constellations, we pointed to the Jupiter. Eyepieces and barlows I had only allowed to push 132x. Since the mount doesn’t have tracking capability and as usual seeing at California summer desert, this might be somehow a kind of practical magnification. Anyway, as expected, I’m so impressed with such a high color contrast image through twin 125SD. We could see a red spot, several dark bands and some details like spirals with different colors.  Although I don’t say the view looked photography level, I was feeling I was looking at the picture after hundred frames were stacked .  Also I can feel the depth of  an object.  One of visual expert who had seen the Jupiter through 40″ and 60″ scopes was surprised at twin 125SD’s clean and color contrast image. Thanks for excellent optics and EMS’s silver mirrors. Mirror collimator is really useful especially in high magnification. There is no collimation issue in high power at all.

Following is the 101EDII Bino setup displayed at AOK Swiss. If there is someone in Europe who are interested, please contact Beat at AOK Swiss or stop by their office.  You can experience there!! Beat is very familiar with all of items – BORG scopes, collimation issue and platform. And yes, he has very nice mount too.


~ by tedishikawa on August 9, 2010.

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