Following is the shot taken by Fred Eiserling who recently got 101EDII in addition to 77EDII. 101EDII objective assembly has been obviously re-fined in lens cell structure.  Rigid cell allows lenses to keep in right place all the time even if it was roughly handled during shipping. Well improved. Although LPS-V4 filter is tweaked to be more optimized for modified DSLRs or cooled CCD cameras which have more response at deep red region, following picture shows it still maintains good color balance for even stocked DSLR camera. Well designed by IDAS!  

101EDII F4 + Nikon D700 + LPS-V4-52, one(only!) 2 minutes at ISO2000

I’m still trying to figure out spacing issue for 71FL and several super reducers. 71FL + 7866 in my test was perfect as expected. It was quite sharp and clean star edge entire APS-C sized sensor. So this combination has been concluded.  Hopefully some of 71FL + 7866  users will feedback with the wonderful result next week. I plan to shoot by 71FL + new 0.78x triplet reducer with 5D Mark II this weekend. Although I didn’t clarify the right distance yet, I hope I can achieve good result. ED F4 reducer still makes me struggle. I will find out right answer while talking with BORG optical engineer.


~ by tedishikawa on August 6, 2010.

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