71FL has been shipped

1st production batch for 71FL has been all sold out and now Borg entered the preparation for 2nd batch.  This kind of customer’s response was really more than what we expected. Thank you so much for all of you who ordered FL71. Following picture describes fluorite’s high-level of color contrast performance even under the low light condition.

FL71 (400mm F5.6) + E-3 hand-held, Noboru Nakagawa

Terry Dickinson posted very nice picture, which shows SkyMemo’s good guiding capability as well as the precision of built-in polar scope

60ED F3.8 astrograph + Canon 7DH + Kenko SkyMemo,  4 x 260″ unguided at backyard, Terence Dickinson

He should show us other excellent shots by FL71 F3.6 astrograph soon. He just swaps the objectives to upgrade to FL71 astrograph.


~ by tedishikawa on July 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “71FL has been shipped”

  1. So that astro image of North America region is taken with 60ED/F3.8 and upcoming pictures will be with 71FL/3.6? Is that correct?

  2. No, I didn’t intend to say so. I wanted to just mention he would be enjoying FL71 F3.6 system by switching the objective soon.

  3. thank you Ted, but I am still not any smarter. I wanted to confirm that the image I see was done with 60ED and that it’s not any typo (sometimes happens everywhere).

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