Canon EF lens-mounted filter

This project is still ongoing and in progress recently. 1st prototype was coming up from machine shop and tested. Although we found out we need some modifications for improvement. it looks good test result as expected. At least the filter holder doesn’t interfere with 5D Mark II’s mirror. So we will go ahead 2nd prototype to finalize the test.  Then, we will go commercial production. As mentioned earlier, this solution allows 5D or 5D Mark II users to use popular  LPS-P2 or LPS-V4 filters with Canon EF wide-angle lenses, which is currently not recommended to be used together because of spectrum shift. We are working hard to make it commercially available by end of this year.  Please keep your eye on next news.


~ by tedishikawa on July 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Canon EF lens-mounted filter”

  1. Will this new adapter allow the use of non-Canon lenses that can be used with adapters (e.g. Nikon, Pentax K, 645, 67, Olympus OM)? I have 77mm and even 82mm LPS-P2 filters, but most filters are not available in these larger sizes. Even these aren’t large enough for some lenses, so the only option is to modify a 48mm filter into a rear filter for the lens. This is expensive and risky…

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