BORG Fluorite – 4 (FL71 Astrograph)

71FL Fork Mount Set[0271]+Olympus E-PL1

Since we are receiving several common questions,  I’d like to mention here what we have figured out as of today. I will keep updated on compatibility test with reducers.  Since the objective assembly works as both Series 80 and Mini Borg, it’s a little tangled to figure out what kind of configuration is mostly proper.

1) With 0.66x triplet reducer (7866)

Perfect!, you can fully enjoy F3.6/255mm f.l.imaging.

Image circle : 30mm diameter.

2) With 0.78x triplet reducer (7878)

It should be OK with 2 pieces of spacer rings. But we need more test to conclude while changing several different spacers.

F4.3/300mm f,l.

Image circle : 45mm diameter.

3) With 0.65x ED quadruplet super reducer (7704)

It looks OK. But the problem is that there is no proper main tube for this setup at this moment. We need to keep testing with a proper tube for infinity objects.

F3.6/255mm f.l.

Image circle : 45mm

4) With 0.85x reducer (7885)

It’s OK. No problem.


Image circle : 30mm

5) With 0.85x reducer (7887)

Test is under way.

I will keep updated as soon as we find out some new things.


~ by tedishikawa on July 20, 2010.

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