Sony NEX5 with Borg

Following is the setup of  Sony new camera NEX5 with 45EDII. Total weight is just 950g!!

2046 + 7860 + 7616 + 7615 + 7000 + 5007 + LA-EA1 + NEX5

Comparison shots between NEX5 and E-PL1

125SD + NEX5 ISO200 1/400″

125SD + E-PL1 ISO100 1/160″

NEX5 1st impression

  • As shown above, E-PL1 is clearly winner in moon shot. E-PL1’s resolving capability might be too good rather than NEX5 performance.  One best shots selected among each 10 frames.
  • E-PL1’s EVF still performs very well in focusing. But NEX5 looks good as the rear LCD screen too. This reassures EVF’s excellent performance for manual focusing.
  • NEX5 ISO starts from 200. Low noise at high ISO. But image looks soft because of less resolution, due to lowpass filter?
  • Great 7 frames per second. It should be good advantage for flying birds.
  • Battery looks running out sooner, because of APS-C sized sensor liveview?
  • HD movie and AWB are excellent.
  • Lenses specifically designed for this camera seems not to be what we are expecting. Image quality at the corner is still soft even if stopped down.
  • Very light weight.

We will keep updated on NEX5 with our Borg optics.

~ by tedishikawa on June 4, 2010.

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