Monkey with DigiBorg

The monkeys are fun as the target since they shows us very various looks. The optics resolve their fine furs.  

45EDII + Olympus E-PL1  

Is this still fresh enough to eat??…….  

Now DigiBorg has been opened at Olympus site as well.  See at  




(Sorry, they are in Japanese.  It describes how well Borg and Olympus micro four thirds match) There are 5 key features for Borg and Olympus.  

1. Lightweight: They are one of lightest telescopes and cameras in the market.  

2. Olympus’s in-body stabilization system:  really useful for long focal length optics like Borgs and allows to set relatively lower ISO since it allows for slower shutter speed than non-stabilization cameras.  

3. High-resolving power: We don’t know theoretically. But the result proves so. The camera is good match with high-resolving power optics like Borg.  

4. Micro four thirds sensor’s 2x conversion ratio is good for small targets like birds.  

5. Excellent electric viewfinder: Borg scopes have no AF function. But Olympus external EVF makes manual focusing quite easy.


~ by tedishikawa on June 2, 2010.

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