Mini Borg with Feather Touch Focuser

This is the configuration many Mini Borg astrograph users wanted from long before. Eventually I found out very maniac combination. Here is;

The system comprises

2260 + 7458 + 7457 + FTF-M57 + FTF-BORG + 7428 + 7502 + 7458 + 7866 + 5005 + Canon

As a result, it allows to control Mini Borgs from PC adding a motor. The focuser is set by the reverse way. So the objective is moving back and forth like other helical focuser setup. Looks like no vignetting either.  One issue is how to set 2nd ring. Super reducer’s adjustment knob interferes with 2nd ring although there is the space for 2nd ring. 3-point ring might be the solution. Or replacing a knob with the smaller head or longer threaded screw might be another solution too. I will keep looking into more. BTW, I thought we should set the light absorbing black felt into Feather Touch M57 focuser inside. This should make the image contrast better.  For FTF-M57 shipping from now on, the black felt will be pre-installed. The users who already owned FTF-M57, please contact Hutech. We will send you a material.

Following is the excellent image taken by Sam Saeed.


~ by tedishikawa on May 26, 2010.

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