101ED has been refined with more rigid lens cell as 101EDII. It has been also optically re-tuned to be more optimized for digital imaging and current/future reducers.

101mm aperture

F6.3 (640mm f.l.)

2.7kg (objective 1.5kg / tube assembly 1.2kg)

630mm long (objective 305mm / tube assembly 325mm)

The objective can be easily converted to 115mm diameter tube for future large sensor camera (larger than 35mm chip).

101EDII + Olympus E-PL1 without the mount

101EDII + Olympus E-3


~ by tedishikawa on April 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “101EDII”

  1. This is a great NEWS! One for me please, NOW 🙂

  2. Pavel,

    Thanks for your comment. 101EDII is expected to come up middle of next month. I will keep you updated on his new lens.


  3. Interesting… Is it user collimatable? Do you plan to post some comparison of the new and old lenses?


    • Sergey,

      Yes, it is still user collimatable. All of 1st lot have been already taken by customer’s reservation. So I don’t think I can keep the objective to compare for a while. Also we don’t have previous 101ED objective any more either.


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