One of  light pollution filters, normally called “nebula filter” has been renewed and come back as “LPS-V4”.  There are following new features. See the actually-measured response curve for the production units.

1) blocks NIR completely. So it doesn’t require an extra filter to block IR.

2) Bandpass of H-alpha region becomes narrower. So using along with Kenko R1 filter, it turns 19nm bandpass H-alpha filter.  Like previous V3, V4 is still well considered to maintain the good color balance when one-shot color cameras are used. You can enhance H-alpha image by adding Kenko R1 while taking high-contrast color image without R1. As one example, you can enjoy filtering-works like setting  LPS-V4-37 into Canon body for RGB color nebula images and adding R1 filter in front of telephoto lenses or inside of telescopes for enhanced H-alpha images.

Now M28.6, M37(as the body-mounted for Canon), M48 and M52 are available.


~ by tedishikawa on April 20, 2010.

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