Adapter for Micro 4/3 (Panasonic G1)


These are a micro four thirds adapter (lower left) and M49.8 extension tubes. While they works with any telescopes,  adding 7157/7158/7159,  you can use EOS, Nikon or Pentax K lenses with Panasonic G1 camera. These adapters allow to reach the focus at the infinity distance. Yes, they can be used as parts of Borg M42 system as well. We will detail about the configuration at Hutech site. Since G1’s flange back is really short, I believe theoretically any other brand lenses work with G1 as long as adapters are available. Some should be available soon.  I think short flange back gives optical engineers  more benefits to ease lens design. Panasonic is the best aspherical lens producer. They have developed their own 3-D measuring instrument for that. Probably this story surprises many people. They have been deeply involved in optical indusry since the past. Many Japanese lens suppliers including Canon and Nikon rely on such a Panasonic optical production capability.


~ by tedishikawa on December 24, 2008.

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  1. Where can I buy these adapter?

  2. Thanks for your commnet.
    You can purchase thru Hutech directly. See the details at

    Each price can be seen at

    Part # 5011, 7921, 7922 and 7923 are the ones shown at
    the blog picture. But I don’t think you need all of them. Instead, you might need some others. What parts needed for you depends on your configuration you plan. Please send e-mail to me if you have any questions. We are preparing for the page describing about micro 4/3 adapter at Hutech site. Thanks agin for your inquiry.

  3. Dear Sir. I plan to buy a Nivitron lens 50mm 0.95 and use it on a Lumix G1. the back focus distance of this lens is about 24mm. Is it possible to adapt it with your adapters and if yes with which ones? I have also different enlarger lenses I plan to use with the G1 and already have a focusing mount with M42 threads. There is a Lumix Adapter for four thirds and a adapter m42 to four thirds but I would like to keep the extension as short as possible to stay in focus also with shorter lenses eg 50mm which adapter do you recommend for M42 (I have a ring M42 to M39)? On the other hand I would like some M42 lenses with the normal distance. Which would be the propper adapter here? I have also a Mirex tilt shift adapter (canon mount) which I would like to mount to the G1. Which adapter do I need here? By the way I am Swiss and where can I order this items best and how much do they cost? Thank you very very much for your help. Kindest regards.

    • Beni,

      Thanks for the inquiry about G1 camera.

      > First of all I need to adapt M42 lenses with the propper flange distance to the G1.

      M42 lens – 7858 – 7845 – 7843 – 5011 – G1
      This allows to the ofucs at the inifinity.

      You can see each price at

      > Second I will adapt M39-lenses via a M42 focusing mount to the G1. I already have the focusing mount (both M42 threads) and an adapter M39 -> M42 which I am using on my Canon DSLR. Here it is important that all the parts are as thin as possible to achieve infinity focus also with lenses of relatively shorter focal length (M39 lenses under 80 mm).

      If my understanding is correct, back focus of M39 Leica lenses is 28.8mm.
      If your M39-M42 adapter is thin enough, you can set like

      M39 lens – adapter (M39-M42) – 7858 – 7843 – 5011 – G1
      (You can use same adapters as M42 ones)

      > Third I have a Tilt-Shift-Adapter for Mamyia 645 lenses with a Canon EOS mount. I therefore would like to mount the Canon EOS part with a propper flange distance to the G1.

      Canon EOS interface – 7157 – 7923 – 5011 – G1

      > Fourth I bought a Navitron 50mm 1/0.95 lens. This lens has Focal Length: 50mm, Iris: F0.95- F16, Focus: 0.6m to Infinity, Mounting Thread: 54mm and a Back Focus: (approx) 24mm. Unfortunately I have no precise information about the 54mm mounting thread except that it is male (the outside of the tub has the thread) and that I therefore needed an adapter with a female 54mm thread (Thread on the inside of the tube). Is 54mm a standard size? Have you an offer for such an adapter and if not how expensive would be a custom made piece? Here is a link with pictures:
      > What adapters do I need to realize all the described connections above?

      Unfortunately, we don’t have M54-threaded adapter. Also 24mm back focus seems to
      be too short even for micro 4/3 cameras. Light path of our 5011 is 6mm.
      So the body’s flange back must be less than 18mm. You can’t achieve the infinity focus.

      Thanks again for your serious interest.

      Ted Ishikawa

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  5. I would like to purchase adapter for Olympus E-P1 in order to mount M42 lenses and M39 lenses.
    Would you let m eknow how uch that would cost?

    • Dear Darius,

      Thanks for the inquiry.

      Following is each configuration.

      M42 lens – 7858 – 7845 – 7843 – 5011 – E-P1
      (45.5mm as M42’s back focus)

      M39 lens – 7844 – 7843 – 5011 – E-P1
      (28.8mm as M39’s back focus)
      Each allows to reach the focus at infinity in above setup.

      You can take a look at each price at

      If you have any questions, feel free to contact us again.


  6. Hello.

    Apologies in advance for my naive questions! I have never done any astrophotography. I have a William Optics Zenithstar 66 with a 2″ diagonal + 1.25 convertor. What would I need to mount a Lumix GF1 Micro 4:3 format camera? Do I need just an adaptor? Or lenses as well? Thanks!

  7. Hello
    I have both olympus 4/3 (E-420) and Lumix (GH1) bodies and a Borg 76ed. I am investigating adapting the borg for terrestrial viewing and digiscoping (birds primarily). I have been looking at many of the configuration options and would ideally want to use a turret or flip mirror (such as the vixen) to allow me to view and then photograph without changing components or focus. Please Is there anything you can recommend to help me? For example, I know I will need an erecting prism for the eyepiece. I will also need to be able to calibrate the focal plane distances between the camera and the 1 1/4″eyepiece so I can flip the mirror and take a photograph without adjusting focus. My other concerns are getting the system in balance on a portable tripod and being able to have enough of a focus range so as not to have keep adjusting draw tube length.
    Apologies for the length of this but I would appreciate any advice on the best way to do this.
    I currently have a 7835,7522, 7509, and a 3rd party 4/3 T-adapter (+ Lumix M4/3 to 4/3 adapter) for a straight through system for the camera bodies.
    Thanks again

    • David,

      Thanks for your post.
      Since BORG turret has been discontinued, I checked the system
      with Vixen flip-mirror.

      1) Vixen flip mirror requires tremendous back focus. So my 1st
      recommendation is to remove the flip mirror’s 1.25″ holder at the imaging
      port, so that you can configure like Vixen – 7528 – 7352 – 7000 – 5010 or
      5011. A flip mirror has T-thread male at the rear.
      7352 is option. But useful for aligning the orientation of camera

      2) Even the above is still too long. So you need to replace standard 205mm
      tube with 7150(150mm long). Then, at least you can reach focus with Vixen
      flip mirror.

      3) Now for par-focal between eyepiece and camera, today I could only test
      with Canon body. So it’s slightly longer than 4/3 or micro 4/3. With Canon
      camera, eyepiece port requires extension tube like BORG 4604. In this setup,
      you can focus at both imaging and viewing.

      4) When micro 4/3 cameras are used, probably above 4604 is not needed since
      the camera body’s flange back is about 25mm shorter than Canon’s.

      Anyway, with these configuration, you can enjoy imaging as well as viewing
      while switching a mirror up and down.

      If you have more questions, feel free to contact me any time.


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